Usability Testing

Digital projects often end up with spiralling requirements and no realistic end in sight. This can be prevented by pre-planning your behavioural testing alongside user journeys.

Usability testing responsive sites has led to some interesting observations of how people understand certain icons. Here we take a look at how users react to the infamous nav burger.

We're pleased to launch a new site for the YMCA Club charity - central London’s largest gym.

Tom talks through the usability testing we planned and implemented as part of the redesign and Drupal development of a large responsive website project for a national UK charity.

10th December, 2013

Google Experiments are a simple way to test out content on your site, and can be used on any site with Google Analytics installed. See below our guide to make the most of Google Experiments to make sure your site content is the best it can be.

On Mac, reverse scrolling can be confusing, especially for mouse users. We found a nifty little free tool that lets you control how reverse scrolling works for all your different input methods.

Here is our write up of Nathan Lisgo's DrupalCon Prague session ‘Automated Acceptance Test with Behat’ on Tuesday 24th September 2013.

Wireframing plays a big part in our scoping and development process. In this article we compare three wireframing tools; Hotgloo, Axure and the lesser known Google Drawing tool in Google Drive.

Whilst responsive design has been gaining ground in the last few years the design and development processes involved in putting together such a site are still maturing.

Pete discusses some thoughts on the shift to defining, designing and developing responsive websites for mobile platforms first, then progressively enhancing the design and layout for tablets and desktop devices.