Drupal Website Design & Development

We've been building open source websites for many years, putting user needs at the heart of our design process.

We specialise in usability testing, user-centric design, and Drupal development. Speak to us about your project >

Our Creations

  • Asylum Information Database Tool

    • Bespoke Google Maps Interface
      A custom interactive map improves the experience of finding data from a large and growing database.
    • Tasty Drupal backend
      The dashboard was tailored to improve and simplify the experience for ECRE's site authors and administrators.
    • User experience design
      We held user stories workshops with staff at the European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE).
  • Mobile app for exchanging resources

    • Freecycling app for surplus building materials
      Zero Waste Scotland charity required an app and website for helping users to exchange resources.
    • Filtered location search
      Users need to find and sort search results for materials close to their site locations.
    • Responsive Drupal web-based app
      The charity required integration with other Drupal installations, so we built a web-based app.
  • Aggregates & Recycling Network

    • Content migration from an old Drupal 5 site
      We exported over 25,000 pages and import them into the new Drupal 7 site.
    • Mobile friendly Drupal 7 website design
      Responsive designs were created for mobile first, through to desktop sizes.
    • Intelligent restructuring of mass content
      The content structure and sitemap was reviewed, then redefined with a cleaner architecture.
  • Responsive Theatre Booking Website

    • Mobile design and usability testing
      Responsive website improves the customer experience for booking theatre tickets on mobiles.
    • Drupal Commerce
      Integrated a secure e-ticketing booking system with Drupal.
    • User Centred Design
      Restructured the website information architecture and content strategy based on user research.
  • Nationwide Accident Repair Services

    • Responsive, mobile-friendly Drupal website
      Nationwide required a website designed to improve the overall user experience.
    • Custom Drupal module development
      We developed a suite of Drupal modules for Nationwide, including a custom postcode search facility.
    • 6 websites integrated into one Drupal platform
      Drupal has been used as the framework for an extensible system that is easy to administer.