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Our growing Drupal development team

12th November, 2015

Our Drupal team is having a growth spurt! If you are interested in being part of this, read our job spec below.

Curve are a well-established Drupal team, based in Leeds and London. Our services include responsive web design, Drupal development, hosting, support, and digital marketing services for both national and international clients.

We also work on Drupal 8 development projects, and contribute to Drupal 8 core.

curve agency leeds and london

Currently we are seeking highly experienced Senior Drupal Developers with positive attitudes to collaboration and an enthusiastic approach to helping our team to solve real world business problems.

Successful candidates should have at minimum 5 years of experience working as Drupal Developers either as consultants for digital agencies or within professional development teams, building and supporting medium to large-sized Drupal sites.

Open source, agile mindset

Our development process is generally agile, using simple cloud-based tools to facilitate task management, and collaborate with our clients to produce clearly defined project objectives for each sprint of work we undertake.

We devote some work time each month to contribute back to Drupal core, patch contrib modules, and help out in the Drupal community. The successful candidate will have a desire to do the same, or already be contributing back (for example, as a module maintainer). We have ongoing relationships with many of our clients, providing iterative improvements to live sites and applications. Part of your role will involve working with the rest of the team to proactively enhance the user experience of existing sites which we support.


  • A positive attitude to challenging problems.

  • Minimum five years of Drupal development experience, ideally in an agency environment.

  • Happy to take on responsibility for delivering features on time, and working well with other developers on challenging tasks.

  • Good experience working with Source Control, preferably Git, within a dev team.

  • Experience working with user stories as part of a functional specification.

  • Good experience getting Drupal to integrate/synchronise perfectly with third-party services such as: Salesforce (and other CRMs); native apps on mobile devices; SSO solutions; booking systems etc.

  • Experience of custom module development (only where absolutely essential), patching, and commenting contributions back to the Drupal community.

  • Aspiration to learn and constantly develop your skills, sharing new ideas, tools and approaches with our dev team.

  • Excellent communication skills.


  • Symfony experience.

  • BDD experience. Understanding of how to write and implement acceptance tests for iterative development on a live site.

  • Experience of other technologies such as Java, PHP, JavaScript, Wordpress, node.js, angular.js etc.

  • Built a Drupal 8 production site.

  • Previous front-end experience, for example, familiarity with modifying Drupal theme hooks to display data. This is to ensure good integration with our team.

Please note, applicants must have the right to work in the UK.

Drupal and UX Design Agency

UK Drupal Agency and UX Design Team with our very own usability testing lab in Leeds. We work with national charities, NGOs and private sector clients.

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